Shopping Cart Development

GMSTEK delivers cutting edge shopping cart technology that lets your company stay ahead of the curve, and deliver a clear and concise shopping experience for your buyers. Our Development process makes transferring your items simple and easy. GMSTEK Shopping Cart solutions deliver near-ERP functionality like:

- Multiple Locations

- Reorder Analysis

- MIN/MAX Order Levels

- BOM (Bill Of Materials)

- Accounting Integration (For QuickBooks and other Systems)

When implementing shopping cart, there are some basic steps that need to be taken in order to ensure the maximum results for your investment.

A. Is my shopping cart engaging?

B. What type of message do I want to provide to my visitors?

C. What type of Marketing will I be performing ? (Social Media, Flash Sales, etc..)

D. Who is my target product buyer?

GMSTEK can guide you through each one of these steps and ensure that your shopping cart is not only engaging buy productive in terms of sales and usability.

Back of The House Functionality:

After the order is placed, that’s when the real magic happens. Processing and full-filling orders is no easy task. It requires the right software and man-power /process to ensure order accuracy and timing. GMSTEK can help organize a system to:

To understand your ordering process is to understand your business. At GMSTEK..We Get it.

Pick Pack and Ship your items faster, getting them to your customer quicker

Implement and integrate multiple payment options to ensure clearing of purchase BEFORE the item is shipped

Dealing with returns and providing your customers with a service portal in order to see their return in status and in route either re-shipped to them order being sent to you.

IVR Systems that allow your customers to interact with your order management system via phone

Reporting on Purchases

Reconciling your back of the house inventory