The success of your software development project depends heavily on a few factors but none weigh as heavy as its methodology. GMSTEK employs two main schools of Project Development Methodology when creating software:

Simply put agile methodology focuses on "Functionality" meaning that a punch list of "What Your Want" Is created and through a series of discovery meetings a set of tasks are developed. These tasks allow the user to come to a place where they look at a screen and determine that the screen must have functionality ABC. The developer & Project Manager then develop code that accomplishes exactly what the user expected.

The set of tasks are placed on a sheet called a "Sprint" which allows the PM to hold the developer accountable throughout the beginning and the end of the "Sprint Date".

Our staff has years of experience developing in these high-paced, demanding environments which foster creativity and allow the business owner to have greater control and visibility into the project.

This methodology is typically used in enterprise projects where the business owner knows exactly what it is that they want and will more than likely never deviate from the initial scope. This methodology required that you have:

1. Naming Conventions for your tables

2. Basic Coding Schema

3. Know exactly what language you want to use and why

4. Established relationship with development team (They would typically be in house)


Daily meetings last about 5-20 minutes depending upon the size of the project and team. The meetings are developed to essentially answer several questions:

1. What Did We Do Yesterday

2. Are there any issues we need to know about

3. Anything You need from us (PM)

4. What are you working on today

These answers are paired up with the schedule in order to determine whether there is anything that is running behind.

When done properly, the waterfall methodology can be superior to agile, but again it required calculated timing.

When is the Waterfall Method most appropriate:

- System Conversions
- Data Conversions
- Changing From One Language to Another

GMSTEK Prides itself on developing technology better and smarter, but to do this it requires implementing methods which set your company up for success not just in the development phase but in the deployment of your code as well.