ERP systems bridge the gap between different departments within a company. Making these departments flow smoothly is the responsibility of the ERP admin and ultimate the configuration and implementation of your ERP system will determine the way that your company flows. There are several popular ERP system like SAGE, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, but what happens when your business is not able to quite afford the implementation of an enterprise system, but has mission critical needs; this is when a custom package is needed.

What Can GMSTEK Do?


Go Paperless! Many businesses want to but how can you get there without a team? First you’ve got to inventory what you have, catalog it and scan it. GMSTEK can develop modules that will integrate into your custom ERP system and bring your company to forefront of scanning technology.


Inventory is easily lost, but barcode scanning can change all of that. Many cheap solutions exist for barcode scanning, but how can you implement it within your existing Purchasing process?

QR Code:

QR Code your documents and parse your data into its respective fields, making saving your information error free, and consistent... every time.

Digital Docs:

Many companies are still stuck on paper docs, let GMSTEK digitize your existing document and make processes easier and more cost effective.

In order to make your support department more efficient is the use of customer portals. Many of these portals are designed to provide your customer with the information they need to be empowered and remove any additional questions that they may have about your product or service. Not having these types of controls can waste a department’s time and resources on questions that have already been answered. How can a customer portal benefit your company?


They capture what your customers’ needs are.

Allow You to Handle Multiple clients at the same time.

They provide valuable reporting data that can be used to determine your company’s next product offering or service.


Manage your employees with greater effectiveness, and provide them with place where all of their data, emails, and other valuable information can be stored.

Use technology to make your employees more efficient and managed with a greater level of security and supervision.